Professor SmudgeBunny

Tech Support/Librarian

Smudge is a regular staff member located solely in the teletherapy office.  He is rarely seen on camera, but is regularly bounding around the office assisting in tech support (cord management), library resources (eating books),and  privacy compliance (paper shredding).  He does not appear to be a team player yet, which is fine since he is so unwilling to share his snacks. 


Sunny Lou

Therapy Puppy

Sunny travels at times between the teletherapy office and the in-person office.  She loves attention and will love you just for existing, especially if you make direct eye contact.  Primary interests include cuddles, pets, hearing that she’s a good girl.  Sunny is excellently trained in maintaining confidentiality and works hard to offer distractions from stress. 


Prince Pip & Sir Quentin

Flip Side Consulting Firm

Pip offers a strengths-based approach to treatment intervention.   He trusts in your innate ability to implement your own coping strategies.  As he performs his assessments, however, a higher level of care may be indicated.  In this case, and only this case, will he implement affection as his primary treatment modality.

Quentin, in contrast, takes a different therapeutic approach to his counterpart.  He believes that affection is the key to all healing, whether you agree or not.  He will remind you that he is the expert in this matter. 




Overnight Security

Though Lucy is a regular staff member in the teletherapy office, she works primarily as overnight security, effectively deterring those who may be seeking to do harm to the office or onsite tech support.  She has a 100% success rate.  When off duty, her main interests include orbicular cardio, snacking on meal worms, and not taking baths if she has any say about it.  


Pip, Sunny & Quentin

All Staff Meeting

We believe in balance.  When we work hard, we need rest to recuperate and refresh. 


Pip & Sunny

Respectful Communication

By far the closest staff members, these two regularly offer opportunities to model respectful communication.  


Smudge & Quentin

Conflict Resolution

These two struggled at first since they are both so different: Smudge is an independent worker, whereas Quentin is a much better team player.  Both have learned mutual respect for personal space and how to communicate when boundaries have been violated.


the Elusive Willow

Child Expert

When my expert child consultant is available, she regularly offers role-play opportunities to assist in strategizing of boundaries and communication of consent.  We work as a close team to navigate aspects of planning and organization to better incorporate work-life balance.  Primary interests include: sugar (any sugar), dragons, and all things Minecraft.