Mediation services


There are about 20-25 issues (i.e. custody, marital home, assets, debts, etc.) that need to be addressed and agreed upon for an uncontested divorce (aka: simple divorce).  We will go through each of the issues in one hour sessions, usually about 2-3 sessions, until all issues have been addressed and agreed upon.  The goal of mediation is to achieve a 100% agreement on relevant issues pertaining to a divorce or custody modification and I work equally for all parties involved in the mediation.  




  • If you are interested in getting information about mediation services, please send me an email, CCing the other party,  with your request for information.
  • I do not have side conversations with either party. There are three exceptions: 1) initial paperwork is completed separately to better assist me with planning your sessions, 2) safety issues, and 3) either party withdrawing from the mediation process.
  • All communication will be via email and will include all relevant parties. Please know that I will be fully transparent about any communication requests outside of email.


  • Mediation can be costly and there are ways to minimize the costs.
  • I work to keep the number of mediation appointments at three or less.
  • The paperwork that I request upfront is fairly extensive so that I can better assess timing and needs during out appointments.

Session Expectations

  • My primary expectation is respectful discourse.
  • If at any time communication breaks down to a level resulting in a safety issues (physical or emotional), I will stop the session and we will schedule the next session via email. You will still be responsible for the cost of the stopped session

Memorandum of Understanding


Once we’ve reached all necessary agreements, I will begin work on your Memorandum of Understanding, which is the document that will attach to your divorce papers.

For some families, there is extensive pensions or other financial disagreements that may require additional support of a QDRO attorney.

You may also have any of this documentation reviewed by your own professionals (e.g. attorneys, CPAs, etc.).

I typically have the Memo ready in two weeks or less, depending on the vastness of the agreement.

All parties will receive an original signed copy. 




My fee is $225 per 60-minute session.  I also reserve the 30 minutes immediately following, as an option, to resolve any current issues that did not get completed in the first hour.  This time is prorated.  Finally, the preparation and delivery of the written Memorandum of Understanding is $300. Each party will receive an original copy of the document at our signing session.  Any new adjustments to the final document will be billed on a prorated basis.